Jean-Paul Vicensini and son


By founding the company CASTAGNA DI VALLERUSTIE in 1970, Jean Paul Vincensini took the challenge of reviving the Corsican chestnut grove by combining traditional know-how with modern means.

The company, established in the heart of la Castagniccia, an immense chestnut grove, started with the production of the traditional chestnut flour; this product remains the pride of the family, who manages the entire production chain: choosing the varieties of chestnuts, maintenance of the groves, picking up the chestnuts, the drying, the threshing, the sorting, the work at the mill and the packaging.

La région de la Castagniccia en Corse

The big plus of the region being the preservation of its nature and the absence of pollution, the company started to commit to Organic farming quite early on, and became one of the first AB certified farms of Corsica.

For over ten years now, the founder’s sons have taken over the business by extending the range of products: they started the production of different varieties of chestnut jams and other jams, keeping the typical organic Corsican fruits as a basis.

Entreprise de Jean-Paul Vicensini et fils en castagniccia


At the same time, they developed fine but not very expensive products based on chestnut flour such as the Canistrelli or chestnut flour cake.

Their most recent experience was to launch a range of traditional Corsican cooked meats of organic quality.

Cochon corse des frères vicensini